Attorney Disciplinary Defense

Although lawyers advocate for their clients daily, sometimes they and Judges find themselves in need of someone to advocate for them. Approximately 12,000 grievance complaints are filed against attorneys in New York each year. Although many are dismissed after investigations by the Attorney Grievance Committees or, the attorneys are privately disciplined, obtaining those results are not by chance. Often such results are end products of attorneys timely retaining counsel to represent them.

As an advocate yourself, you know that effective representation is paramount to success in any case. So, when your license to practice law and your reputation are at risk, if effective representation is what you need, then Whittingham Law is the Firm you want on your side. Trust counsel who has prosecuted as well as defended complaints of ethical violations for almost a decade in New York City. Since 2014, all our clients have received dismissals or private discipline. In other words, ZERO (“0”) Public Discipline for attorneys represented before the Attorney Grievance Committees and Zero (“0”) Public Discipline for Judge represented before the Judicial Commission.

Did you receive a grievance complaint from the Attorney Grievance Committee or are you the subject of a sua sponte investigation? If so, Whittingham Law can Help. Kaylin Whittingham has prosecuted and defended 100s of complaints and investigations. She understands the attorney disciplinary process and what is needed to get you the best result. She leaves no stone unturn when representing you. When ethics defense counsel is what you need, Whittingham Law is who you need on your side. You may have made a mistake that led to a grievance complaint being filed against you. Don’t make a bigger mistake by defending the complaint without an attorney, or with the wrong attorney. Whether you get a second chance could be determined by whether you retain counsel and if so, who you retain to represent you. Second Chances are No Small Things, But No Counsel or Poor Representation—BIG MISTAKE.

Remember—When the Attorney Grievance Committee Comes Knocking, Let Kaylin Do the Talking.

Whittingham Law can Help. If you are facing an attorney grievance investigation—don’t go it alone.