Law Firm Risk Management

Like all businesses, law firms need to have certain systems in place to operate efficiently, comply with their ethical obligations, meet their clients’ needs, and protect against allegations of professional misconduct and legal malpractice. Best practice dictates that attorneys not only implement systems to safeguard their practices, but that they train their employees, as well as, monitor and update these systems regularly.

Whittingham Law serves as outside ethics counsel to law firms. Solos and small law firms requiring on going service may join our subscription-based program—the Legal Ethics Lab. Designed to offer solos and small firms the same benefit larger firms, with in-house ethics counsel, enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

Preventing a Complaint is not Expensive, Defending One Is!

  • Ethics Consultation
  • Ethics Opinions
  • Ethics Audits
  • Escrow Audits
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Outside Ethics Counsel
  • Law Firm Partnerships

CNA Insurance said it best: “An overlooked asset in Law Practice Risk Management: Legal Counsel.”
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Whittingham Law can Help. If you are seeking an outside ethics counsel for your firm, we are here to help.