New York State Bar Admission

As a law graduate who has successfully pass the Bar Examination, you have reached a great milestone in your bid to becoming an attorney; but, the journey does not end when you receive that email that you have successfully passed the bar examination. In fact, a major hurdle remains—getting through the application process for admissions to the New York State Bar and proving that you have the moral character and fitness to practice law.

The application process may seem daunting for some and even more so for individuals who may have somewhat of a blemished past. You are asked to list your past employments, arrest, and disciplinary action and depending on when you are submitting this application you may have a very long past with a few bumps along the way. This may lead to many uncertainties and questions as to what is necessary to list and what is not. Questions such as: How will they view a prior traffic violation? What if I was accused of improper conduct on the Bar Exam? What if I have a past addiction? What if during high school before I started thinking seriously about my future, I was suspended or placed on probation? What if I don’t remember everywhere I worked for the last 10 years? What if I am going through a financially difficult time and have debt past due for more than 90 days? I owe child support—must I report it? These and many more questions may arise.

Even if, you think you have crafted the perfect response to all these or other queries that may have needed a little explaining, it is possible that having someone review your application for completeness and accuracy could be very beneficial.

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