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Whittingham Law is one of New York City’s Premier Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility law firm. Our mission is to provide unparalleled legal service to each client who engages us. We know your business requires problem solvers to accomplish defined goals, so we make it our business to stay informed, think creatively, negotiate staunchly and defend aggressively. We are responsive partners providing personalized service to meet your needs. Our number one philosophy is to leave “no stone unturned,” when preparing and delivering legal services to you.


Membership in the bar is a privilege burdened with conditions.”
Benjamin N. Cardozo

Defender of lawyers and judges. Attorneys and judges need effective representation too. An Advocate for Advocates. When your license to practice law and your reputation are at risk, effective representation is what you need. Trust counsel who has prosecuted as well as defended complaints of ethical violations.


Approximately 12,000 grievance complaints are filed against attorneys in New York each year. Although many are dismissed after investigations by the Attorney Grievance Committees or, the attorneys are privately disciplined, obtaining those results are not by chance. When your license to practice law and your reputation are at risk, effective representation is what you need. Trust counsel who has prosecuted as well as defended complaints of ethical violations. Whether you get a second chance could be determined by the attorney you chose.


You may have made a mistake that led to a grievance complaint being filed against you. Don’t make a bigger mistake by defending the complaint without an attorney, or with the wrong attorney. Second Chances are no Small Things, But No Counsel or Poor Representation—BIG MISTAKE.


Since 2014, all our clients have received dismissals or private discipline. In other words, ZERO (“0”) Public Discipline for attorneys represented before the Attorney Grievance Committees.

Like all businesses, law firms need to have certain systems in place to operate efficiently, comply with their ethical obligations, meet their clients’ needs, and protect against allegations of professional misconduct and legal malpractice. Best practice dictates that attorneys not only implement systems to safeguard their practices, but that they train their employees, as well as, monitor and update these systems regularly. Whittingham Law will serve as your outside ethic counsel, provide you with an ethics opinion, or perform an audit on your systems.


Preventing a Complaint is not Expensive, Defending One Is!


  • Outside Ethics Counsel
  • Ethics Opinions
  • Escrow Audits



CNA Insurance said it best: “An overlooked asset in Law Practice Risk Management: Legal Counsel.”
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Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse.”


It is necessary for lawyers to keep abreast of the rules governing their conduct. Understanding the Rules of Professional Conduct, both its application and interpretation is essential for all lawyers who strive to comply with their ethical obligations. Whittingham Law provides Ethics CLEs on issues that are relevant, current, and of interest to the Bar.

If you have been suspended or disbarred from the practice of law and would like to seek readmission, we can help.

If you have an ethical issue or concern and would like to consult with counsel about your ethical obligations, Whittingham Law can help. You may be starting your own practice and would like to consult about best practices; you may be switching firms and have concerns about ethically doing so; you may need a second opinion regarding your ethical obligations; or, you may be at a firm or in-house and want to ensure you are complying with your ethical obligations.
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Protecting Lawyers & Judges reputation and livelihood by defending them against disciplinary investigations and counseling them on ways to avoid complaints, limit liability, and thrive.

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