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Whittingham Law is one of New York City’s Premier Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility law firm. Our mission is to provide unparalleled legal service to each client who engages us. We know your business requires problem solvers to accomplish defined goals, so we make it our business to stay informed, think creatively, negotiate staunchly and defend aggressively. We are responsive partners providing personalized service to meet your needs. Our number one philosophy is to leave “no stone unturned,” when preparing and delivering legal services to you.


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Kaylin L. Whittingham is the founder of the Legal Ethics Lab—an ethics resource hub and Whittingham Law—a Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Firm. She is a trusted advisor to lawyers and judges; defends them against allegations of professional misconduct; and counsels them on risk management. Prior to private practice, Kaylin served as counsel at the Attorney Grievance Committee, First Judicial Department where she investigated and prosecuted a wide array of professional misconduct cases. Prior to that, she served as Staff Attorney at the Mental Hygiene Legal Services in the First Department. Kaylin was Judicial Intern to the Honorable Dolores K. Sloviter, United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the Honorable Milton Tingling, Supreme Court for the State of New York, New York County.

The Legal Ethics Lab

The ethics resource hub that helps attorneys practice law with Confidence NOT Fear of Grievance Complaints and Legal Malpractice Suits. Solo and small firms are often the most vulnerable to disciplinary complaints and legal malpractice suits. You’ve worked hard to start and grow your practice—Protect your investment. The Legal Ethics Lab allows you to proactively manage your risk and liability.

TIP An Overlooked Asset in Law Practice Risk Management: Legal Counsel


Membership in the bar is a privilege burdened with conditions

. Benjamin N. Cardozo

The Ethics Resource Hub for Elite Solos and Small Law Firms

Eliminate AVOIDABLE Mistakes & ImplementBest Practices

Practice with Confidence Not Fear of Grievance Complaints and Malpractice Suits

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Testimonial 1

Should the unfortunate day ever come when you receive a letter from the Disciplinary Committee, Kaylin is the attorney you want on your side. She is responsive, thorough and spot on in her advice and is generally concerned about the future of her client. She is as good as it gets when it comes to effective and experienced counsel, especially trust account/escrow issues. Simply put, when your license is on the line you want the best-Kaylin Whittingham.


Testimonial 2

Kaylin is the most diligent, thorough and professional attorney I have had the privilege to meet and work with. Her knowledge and experience insure the best possible representation of her clients, especially those with disciplinary issues. She leaves no stone unturned in preparation and will insure the best representation possible for her clients. I highly recommend her!


testimonial 3

This presenter was excellent. Clear and concise with great examples. Manageable amount of info on the slides. Energy and humor. Please get her and other presenters with her style to do more of your classes.

Theresa C

testimonial 3

Kaylin has a passion for attorney professional responsibility. I received an investigation letter from the Disciplinary Committee and did not know how to respond. I turned to Kaylin and I’m very glad I did. Kaylin presented a masterful response to the Disciplinary Committee and clearly managed my expectations and fears. Kaylin not only stayed in contact with the Disciplinary Committee to expedite review but also kept me informed every step of the way. I was thrilled to hear that, based on Kaylin’s response alone, the Committee found there was no basis for taking action and closed the matter. It was a stressful situation but Kaylin’s experience working with the Disciplinary Committee and knowledge of the practice area put me at ease. Thank you Kaylin!


testimonial 3

Lawyers need lawyers themselves. We can’t advocate for clients if we are unsure of how to advocate for ourselves. When I am tempted to engage in conduct that would not display professionalism; even when I’m right, I pause and call Kaylin Whittingham to get her opinion, so I can get back to what I love—being a true advocate for my clients. At times when it doesn’t smell right, it is not right. I have avoided conflicts and possible thousands of dollars in legal fees and a grievance complaint by picking up the phone and calling Kaylin.


testimonial 3

Kaylin is knowledgeable, experienced and practical. She is the go-to attorney, for many lawyers.


testimonial 3

Stood out from other ethics courses for insight and clarity

Randall M.

testimonial 3

Excellent speaker – knowledgeable

Todd F

testimonial 3

Outstanding performance.. some sad examples of attorneys losing their license because of a violation of the rules

Arthur s

testimonial 3

Very good presentation and presenter was very knowledgeable and her delivery made it very easy to engage in the material

Kim M

testimonial 3

excellent presentation. The presenter certainly is an expert.

Alan F

testimonial 3

The presenter was very engaging so it made the CLE very enjoyable.

Dana S

testimonial 3

This presenter was terrific, very engaging, interesting and informative!

Jessica D

testimonial 3

Very engaging presenter with very up to date information.

leona c

testimonial 3

Excellent program – very interesting and well prepared presenter.

J. Donald H

testimonial 3

Presenter was very organized and presented subject in a clear manner

Maria S

testimonial 3

Entertaining and lighthearted presenter.

Jeremy H.

testimonial 3

I enjoyed the professor. She kept me engaged and interested.

Danielle M

testimonial 3

By far, the best lecture in all the course material I have viewed to date. The presenter was excellent. The material was excellent as she cited many of the cases that she discussed. The lecture ended to soon.

Robert S

testimonial 3

I enjoyed the speaker’s sense of humor about the subject. Great speaker, poised and knowledgeable.

Karen H.

testimonial 3

This was an exceptionally good presentation on a topic that I thought would be dry, dry, dry. The instructor was terrific — I’d recommend this to anyone — and I’d consider listening to it again. Great audio!

Ingrid S

testimonial 3

Dynamic speaker. It’s great to be made aware of rules I may inadvertently break. I know about the major rules against dishonesty or commingling funds. But I appreciate advice on rules I don’t know exist. Thanks!

Marc A

testimonial 3

Informative sand personable presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Scarily informative. Loved it!!!!!!!

Thomas l

testimonial 3

I love having the various cases listed in the materials! This is great to have for future use. The faculty member was very knowledgeable and I thought she was great. I’d love to take more courses with her.

Martha L V

testimonial 3

Loved her enthusiasm and sense of humor – it was fun!

Jenny L

testimonial 3

Fabulous speaker! Most engaging ethics presentation I’ve attended.

Jean H

testimonial 3

Fun, interesting, and informative. I’d take another class taught by her.

Jeff M

testimonial 3

Well done. Made the topic very interesting.

Gregg M

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